You Sunk My Internet

Everyone’s favorite Web 1.5 Mexican wrestler-boxer email correspondent on-line flash cartoon, Strong Bad, is getting his own video game?

(via Wired)

It’s not really clear what Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is going to be, although my guess is it’s just a chatbot. You type in your email, and within seconds, you watch a cartoon. Then you have to be the first one to get all the gold coins and shoot a hooker. Isn’t that what video games are now? I can’t wait until they translate all the old internet memes into video games. Here’s a few that will be so awesome:

Peter Pan Guy
You have to navigate a 3-D maze, at the end of which you get to come out to your parents.

Robot Frank
You are a cardboard robot who has to win an argument with his neighbor, who is also a cardboard robot.

Black People Love Us
Be the first to collect all the black people.

Tucker Max: The Game
You must kill yourself before everyone loses.