Meet Tabby, Evangelist Star Of The Lord’s Boot Camp

Saturday night, 48 Hours: Mystery took a break from cold murder cases and teamed up with the creators of the popular 2006 horror documentary Jesus Camp to create The Lord’s Boot Camp, a one hour special that follows three teen girls attending a training camp for evangelical missionaries in Florida. If you’ve seen Jesus Camp, this toned-down-for-primetime special will annoy more than shock — there’s no talk of spiritual warfare, but the kids are told by their (creepy) leaders that they are here “not to feed people, not to build homes,” but to evangelize. The unquestioned star of the special (which can be watched in its entirety on the CBS site) is a middle schooler named Tabby Taylor, whose focus on the bottom line makes her likely to complete her goal of “saving” 300 souls in one summer.

In this clip, Tabby hits a fairground in Indiana, where her aggressive prostheletyzing of a Mormon gets her in hot water:

As for the other girls in the special: they went to Africa, took some pretty pictures to “prove (they) were there,” and came back home, where one of them got into drugs.