A Rare Miss, CNN Headline News

There are a few things about the show Best Week Ever that make it really enjoyable (the blog is also great! FART!):

  1. They’ve got great comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Laurie Kilmartin, John Mulaney, and Joe Mande.
  2. They stick to topics of interest that have occurred within the last week.
  3. “The Sizzler” (JUST KIDDING, please get rid of “The Sizzler,” it is the fucking worst. Fucking seriously.)

This weekend, CNN Headline News premiered their own attempt at a clips show Not Just Another News Show with talking heads “cracking wise.” (Cracking wise? Whoops, I just broke my hip. Please pass me a Werther’s Original.) The problem, though, is that who cares about funny things that happened on the Senate floor in 1987? Rehashing old political news is going to be a rough sell … then again, it airs at 7PM on Saturday, which is when the coveted 18-35 single male demographic is all home watching CNN Headline News, so I guess it makes sense.

What’s more, maybe your guests COULD WORK ON THEIR JOKES A LITTLE HARDER.

Haha, I’m so funn–[gunshot, Gabe’s body falls to the floor.]