And They Said A Reality Show Without Strippers Was Impossible

It feels weird to cover a reality show that’s not on VH1 or Bravo, but a new show from Animal Planet has caught our eye. It’s called Groomer Has It, and it’s basically a cross between The Real Housewives of New York (Ah, there you are Bravo. Security.) Blow Out (Bravo in the house!) and Best in Show.

This is a show? Looks like someone decided to fund their dream project with all that extra Puppy Bowl cash. I guess if Parking Meter can be a show, this can be a show. Actually, I think they already made this. It was called Operation Kitten Calendar, and it was great.

Speaking of Blow Out, Jonathan Antin is the best. I can believe you guys broke up. Here he is being interviewed by a German reporter.