Quarantine: Housing Project Of Shadows

Oh look! It’s 28 Clover Am Legend Witch Project Later!

This is the movie that generated those YouTubes everyone was blogging about last month. This looks scary enough, although they should probably have overdubbed a child singing a lullaby softly to herself. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: the anchorwoman dies. I hope someone else goes into that housing complex and picks that video camera up off the floor or it’s going to be a lot of infrared zombie feet shuffling back and forth. AND ALSO, thanks a lot Hollywood. Every five seconds you raze New York to the fucking ground, and then when it’s L.A.’s turn you just kill an old woman in Apartment E6. Stale. Quick Poll:

What City Would You Like To Work In As An Anchorwoman Only To Get Attacked By A Zombie Old Lady In An Apartment Complex?

1. Houston
2. Detroit
3. Toronto
4. Florida