Videogames Turn Kids Into Homicidal Murderers, Homosexuals

The Wired videogames blog today reposts a poll from, a website dedicated to helping parents assess games before they buy them for their children. The results of the poll are not exceptionally surprising. Basically, parents would rather have their children engaging in acts of obscene violence, rather than acts of intimate human contact. Personally, I think there’s something way more disturbing about a vibrating joystick simulating the tactical sensation of a saw going through a human vertebrae than the simulation of, well, it would just be a dildo, right? A simulated dildo. But also, read the whole poll:

More parents are disturbed by TWO MEN KISSING than a GRAPHICALLY SEVERED HUMAN HEAD. Hahahahhaha. I’m really not sure what kind of harm these parents think videogames could possibly do to their children that they haven’t done already through their graphic stupidity.