The Ultimate Fighter: Jeremiah Riggs Stopped Being Polite

I know that we are trying to market this website primarily to 14-year-old girls, so I’m having a hard time doing the kind of coverage of The Ultimate Fighter that I would like. When Matt Riddle knocked UFC hopeful Dan Simmler out cold last night and then crushed his jaw and Dan was laying on the mat moaning for what seemed like forever and then when he was loaded in an ambulance and genuinely didn’t seem to know where he was, it’s like Omarosa who? Puck what? But maybe that is too much for you guys. Here’s a picture of Zac Efron:

Now here’s a relatively bloodless clip of Jeremiah Riggs after his fight last night. He’s great. He put Mississippi on the map. Please take special note of his face.

Next week, the contestants finally move into the house, and if the “this season on Ultimate Fighter” teaser was any indication, it’s going to be a lot like Flavor Of Love but with more scissor kicks.