That’s Your Boyfriend: Long-Fingernailed Owner Of Alleged “World’s Cutest Kitten”

“That’s Your Boyfriend” is a game that children and adult bloggers play in malls. A couple of months ago, my friend Stephanie and I brought TYB to the internet, and from time to time Gabe and I will be pointing out your boyfriend, just in case you miss him. Egalitarians, never fear, there will be “That’s Your Girlfriend”s, too. Anyway…

Did someone send you a link to this video yesterday or today of this soft little adorable ball of tumbly fur that is being touted as the World’s Cutest Kitten? Well you should recognize it because it’s owner is your boyfriend, and he needs to trim his nails. And remember: kittens grow up. But enjoy the cute while it lasts:

(Yeah, I just wanted to share the kitten video.)