Kim Cattrall Compares Herself To A Golden Girl For Us

Oops! And after everyone has been saying this for years:


I’m one of those annoying people who loudly hates Sex and the City (I once got disinvited to a weekly SATC watching party for “groaning about the puns” too vociferously) but who has also seen every single episode of Sex And The City. It’s called Hate-Watching. Moving on:
Kim Cattrall spoke with Access Hollywood the other night and revealed stunning spoiler details that we already saw in the trailer:

“Her location is now on another coast, so there’s a lot of beige and sunshine, the ‘Golden-Kind-of-Girl’ feeling to it, which my hair and makeup team had a ball with! There’s a lot of suntan lotion, a lot of sparkly stuff, which Samantha revels in,” Cattrall said.

So, she’s tan. And I’d like to take this opportunity to reinforce my only prediction about SATC: The Movie: Steve is gay.