Real Housewives: It’s Mrs. Countess Fancyface To You

The Real Housewives Of NYC (with whom we played Marry/Fuck/Kill the other day) was one vicarious status-mad-crazy-lady thrill after another last night. Seriously, if you DVRd it, save that shit until manually erased. Spoilers: the Brooklynites who say “status” for every other word live in a total crackhouse, and Ramona has the lying abilities of a four year old who thinks that when she covers her eyes nobody can see her. But this clip was special: after The Countess freaks out because she thinks her Count husband The Count is going to divorce her in Count Court if he finds out a lowly driver knows her first name, we’re treated to the very first instance of anyone on this show indicating that they know what the phrase “Get over yourself!” means.

It’s single housewife Bethenny, and she demonstrates later in the episode that she doesn’t know what “Get over yourself” means, but this is the closest thing to a recognition that rich people are not better than other people we’re ever gonna get on this show:

Also, do you want Bethenny’s recipe for a “Skinny Girl Margarita”? It’s the ONLY thing she drinks!:

Patron Silver Tequila
Fresh Lime Juice
A splash of Triple Sec

Gabe: “I thought a skinny girl margarita was vodka and diet pills.”