American Idol: The Best Season Yet?

The last time I watched American Idol, Kelly Clarkson was named the winner and she sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” or something and there was a lot of confetti. It was just before America gained its independence. What a heady time! I know that the show is really popular, I just couldn’t get into it after the first season. Kelly was the only Idol I needed. I’m sorry, America.

But you guys still watch it? Someone has to still be watching it. It’s probably you guys. What did you think of last night’s episode? Pretty crazy right?

Like I said, I didn’t watch it. But I am just going to assume that my recap is pretty accurate.

Brooke was great when she sang that song about the thing. Love is hard. I think Simon should have been nicer to her. She is so down to Earth.

Carly’s the dark horse who just might win this thing, if the voters recognize talent. She’s never too showy, but she also can really carry a tune, as she proved last night with her soulful rendition of Sugar Ray’s “Fly.”

I think Paula has a crush on David. I also think Paula has a crush on medicine.

David is one of the two best David’s in the whole competition and it was brave of him to come out in drag and perform Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty.” Did you see Randy’s face at the judging table? His face was all like “whaa!”

I was in the bathroom during Jason’s performance.

Kristy’s the girl next door with a heart of gold, but she can still rock it. That’s her strong suit, being able to move between two really different worlds. And she sounds like she’s black when she sings, which is always great.

I was in the bathroom during Michael’s performance.

Even though she has been hit or miss all season, Syesha was really great last night when she did the song about how hard love is and Simon was so mean to her but Paula as nice and Randy was like “Dawg, OK!” and everyone cheered so hard I wish I had been in the audience I broke my phone calling in all those votes.