Choosing The Anti-Nancy Grace Facebook Group That’s Right For You

At some point in all of our lives, there comes a time to choose a Facebook group devoted to hating CNN harpy Nancy Grace. But there are over a hundred! How to decide? Here’s your guide to figuring out which anti-Nancy Grace Facebook group defines you as a person, based on your personality and the quality and quantity of your hatred.

You hate Nancy Grace so much that you want to punish a total stranger forever:
If 35,000 People Join This Group I’ll Get A Tattoo Of Nancy Grace On My Ass

You hate Nancy Grace and she reminds you of a baby: Nancy Grace Makes Me Want To Punch A Baby

You enjoy killing two birds with one stone: Nancy Grace Is Secretly Bill O’Reilly In Drag

You hate Nancy Grace and you have a plan:
Let’s Feed Nancy Grace To Hungry Pigs

You hate Nancy Grace, but you don’t need to get all creative about it:
Fuck Nancy Grace

You hate Nancy Grace and you’ve never heard of Google:
If Nancy Grace Had A Penis Her Name Would Be (Sic) John McCarthy

You hate Nancy Grace, but you’re also Facebook friends with your Mom:
I Dislike Nancy Grace from CNN

You hate Nancy Grace but for the wrong reasons:
Britney Spears For Mother of the Year (Fuck Nancy Grace)

Your name is Stephen Miller:
Nancy Grace Needs To Stop Hiding And Face Stephen Miller

You hate Nancy Grace so much that you’re willing to pretend to like her just to torment the four people who do:
Nancy Grace Fans