Super “Burn The Rope” Bros.

The thing that everyone is always saying about the Nintendo Wii is that it’s a return to more intuitive simplistic video games where you don’t have to manipulate 18 buttons in order to assassinate the intergalactic prime minister and unleash the time lock, or whatever. It’s tennis. Just good old tennis. But internet flash games take the level of simplicity one step further. Here is the latest game that is getting everyone excited. It’s called “You Have To Burn The Rope.” It’s like if Jens Lenkman was a silly computer nerd instead of a weepy guitar nerd. It will take up approximately two minutes of your day, and then it’s back to work at the button factory (I assume everyone who reads this works at a button factory.) You can also try your hand at “Quest for the Crown,” which is the only videogame Lindsay has ever beaten.