Is Anyone Else Obsessed With Dateline’s Keith Morrison?

Thanks to DVR, I haven’t missed a single episode of Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Frontline, Primetime, or (especially) 48 Hours Mystery in almost four years. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but I take too much pride in my extensive knowledge of every cold case murder ever, the McCaughey septuplets’ little milestones, and the symptoms of MRSA infections to feel any guilt whatsoever. Learning is its own reward. One of my favorite newsmagazine correspondents (because I have a list of those) is former Saskatchewanian Keith Morrison, the floppy-haired blondish guy who frequently covers murders and rapes in his own melodramatic, creepy-yet-totally-arresting way.

Here’s a very short clip of ol’ Keith on Friday doing what appears to be his best Hannibal Lecter impression while interviewing a clearly weirded-out accused murderer.

(If anyone else is obsessed with Keith Morrison, my next KM update will be about that thing he does where he starts talking really fast all of a sudden.)