Oh What’s The Matter, Mother, Don’t You Love Me?

The thing about parodies is that at their best, they earn a soft nod and quietly muttered “yup, I get it.” At their worst, they are directed by the Wayans Brothers and earn millions of retards’ dollars. But AD Miles*‘s new webisodes (whoops, I used that word. Shoot me in the face) Horrible People is so pitch perfect and funny that it actually stops making you laugh at a certain point, and just gives you a new appreciation for soap operas. Maybe it’s time to stop making fun of the midwestern secretaries with their big butts and their sad haircuts, because apparently they (and AD Miles) know something we don’t. Just see if after this you don’t want to use up all your personal days sitting at home watching your “stories.” The second episode just came out today.

If you haven’t already, watch “Episode 1″ over at My Damn Channel.

*Haven’t heard of AD Miles? Please send a letter concerning “Why Haven’t I Heard of AD Miles?” to President of Entertainment, Hollywood, CA, because you should have by now.