Well, This Didn’t Happen

We’re all pretty well-versed in the fakeries of reality TV at this point. It’s common knowledge that when an interview segment cuts away to a voice over, the sentence was probably stitched together and has no resemblance to what anyone actually said in real life. We know that’s not The Bachelor’s real house. And no one is fooled by New York’s hair/inflatable body.

That being said, every once in awhile something happens on a reality show that just straight up didn’t happen. Like when Flavor Flav almost crashed an airplane while looking for love last night.

Nope. Wow, no, nope. Did not happen. At all. I’m pretty sure that Flavor Flav’s handlers know not to put any operational buttons or levers within ten feet of his sloppy body. Fly a plane? The more I think about it, obviously the near-crash didn’t happen, but now I doubt he was even allowed in that plane. The whole thing was probably green-screened. Because seriously, what bi-plane pilot in his right mind says “Yes, Flavor Flav can be in my bi-plane.” No bi-plane pilot in his right mind is who.

The one part I do think might be true, at least in spirit, is when the plane is going down, instead of calling out the names of any of the girls, Flavor Flav yells “Big Riiiiiiiick.” Because they are in love. And that’s why there isn’t going to be a fourth season.