Never Back Down Without A Cause

Less than a month to go now until the greatest teen drama since Rebel hits theaters. Never Back Down is the age-old story of a misunderstood kid coming up against the character-defining challenges of moving to a new town. By confronting new people in a new environment, he will have to learn just exactly what he’s made of. Typical coming of age stuff. Oh, except apparently everyone in his new high school is an Ultimate Fighting Champion. Kids these days. After the jump, we’ve got some exciting screen caps from the one movie that could unseat Juno’s hopes for all the world’s hearts.

Who's the new guy?

Could you tell me where the guidance counselor’s office is?

Does he have a girlfriend?

Hey, that’s my locker.

I don't think he's weird. I think he's interesting.

Are you going to Jessica Scheffer’s party this weekend?