Tyra On Mutilated Abuse Victim: “Her Walk Is Busted”

On last night’s premiere of Cycle 10 of ANTM, Tyra failed once again at the “What Would Oprah Do?” game. In this cycle, the part of the saddest-story girl is being played by a Somali immigrant named Fatima, who, after being confronted for her snobbiness by the other girls, tearfully confesses that she underwent female circumcision, or Female Genital Mutilation, as a young girl, and therefore can never “have sex with men.” Then a bunch of the usual other stuff happened, and then this happened while Tyra and Miss Jay were discussing Fatima:

MISS JAY: I like her face, but her walk is so…broke down.
MISS TYRA: Busted!

Fatima still made it into the top 14. Hopefully she’ll find a doctor in fabulous New York who can help her with her runway walk, reconstructive surgery, and terrifying memories of torture.