Ex-Vice Editor Shows Boners To Carson Daly

Vice Magazine co-creator who doesn’t work there anymore href=””>Gavin McInnes appeared on Last Call With Carson Daly last night in (stuffed?) tighty whities. He was promoting his new website, Street Boners and TV Carnage, and its feature, Street Boners, which is exactly like Vice’s Dos and Don’ts except they’re all Don’ts and Gavin can’t legally call them that because Vice would sue him.

Apparently, you can’t say “boner” on Carson Daly, either, so Gavin is forced to refer to fashion don’ts/boners as “dealbreakers”:

Normally, Gavin McInnes is an Official Annoying Person in my book, but I’m giving him a pass lately for employing David Cross. Also, Crocs do suck.

(If you want Gavin to come to your college or organization and make fun of pictures of people wearing clothing he disapproves of, he will. For real, scroll down.)