Hate Diablo Cody? This Clip Is For You!

Like everyone who doesn’t outright hate her, I have mixed feelings about the young lady who calls herself Diablo Cody. On the one hand, she’s an odd story: a woman who has become famous ostensibly for being a smart writer, both of screenplays and of a mythical high-concept cinderella back story. There’s a vicarious Gatsby thrill to be had in watching the former Brook Busey become a media darling without being a starlet, and if Cody does win an Oscar on Sunday, even the biggest haters will be glued to the screen for her acceptance speech, if only to groan at the next “honest to blog.” On the other, we’re all a little sick of that personal legend being shoved down our throats, and Cody could cause fatal injury to her career if she, say, thanks her old stripper buddies (or worse: Spielberg) in that acceptance speech.

But no matter your feelings on the Diablo Cody Industrial Complex, it’s about time she got the parody treatment (even though, in the real world, Cody is hardly famous.) Comedian Jackie Clarke does her best (breast) Cody impersonation in this SuperDeluxe video by the comedy team Olde English: