Ellen Page Explains Twee-Pop To A Mystified Barbara Walters

Ellen Page may not have won Best Actress last night, but she did get a chance to educate Ol Barbara Walters about the appeal of The Moldy Peaches on Barbara’s annual special:

BARBARA: “I wanna ask you about the music. Juno has said you love the Moldy Peaches. This two person…group. We had them on The View. Ellen…I don’t get it.”

ELLEN: “It’s hinting on novelty. But at the core of it? It’s so beautiful, and it’s so honest, and it just hits me on a level that I can’t deny.”

Later, Ellen vehemently denies being anti-Hollywood, and rags on “websites that are devoted to finding a stain on an actor’s pants.” Then, Barbara has a minion find Ellen a guitar and forces her to perform “Anyone Else But You.”

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