Saturday Night Live Makes A Funny

Saturday Night Live kind of nailed it this weekend, you guys. Even Christopher Walken’s opening monologue was funny (the opening monologue!). Because NBC will supposedly sue us for helping to promote their show using embedded video clips, I can’t show you what happened. Sorry, maybe you shouldn’t have been out socializing with your friend and having a life Saturday and maybe you’d know what I was talking about. In any case, the whole episode was really weird with lots of unusual premises and also funny sometimes! Success!

The clip that everyone will probably be talking about on the internet today is the Laser Cats Digital Short, and many large ups to the Lonely Island guys for managing to create blog-sized nuggets every week (and for recreating their pretty brilliant 3D jokes in the big tent). But what was good about this week’s show was how there were plenty of classic SNL-style sketches that were just as great, including this one which will probably get taken down from YouTube any second because it’s not preceded by a 15-second Chili’s commercial! (Good work, NBC, stay fresh to death with your restrictive limited access policies.)

Enjoy that clip before it gets taken down. But if you missed it, just wait about three months for the Dane Cook “googly eyes on plants” bit at Madison Square Garden.