Rock of Love 2: Right, Right, Right, Right, Gotcha

Rock of Love 2: Right, Right, Right, Right, Gotcha

On last night’s Rock of Love II, the parents come to visit. Normally, I would make a joke about how these must be actors because obviously the parents of anyone on reality TV are dead, how else to explain their children’s willingness to debase themselves publicly. But then it was revealed that Destiny’s dad has liver cancer and was given two months to live. And I killed myself. So no jokes about that, guys. Not anymore.

The other thing that happened, though, is that Ambre’s dad told Bret that Ambre was 37 years old, while Ambre had told him that she was 32! Whaaaaaaaaat? But she only looks 40!

I particularly love the fancy audio editing of everything that Ambre says, like some kind of high school art student’s lazy collage project (seriously, I could edit this show apparently), and then the other thing I love is how she keeps going on and on about how much she is in love with him and would never lie to him and he just keeps going “right, right, right, right, gotcha, right, right.” That guy’s a prince. Your daughter has great taste, Mr. Ambre. Marry me, Brett.

Um, also, what is Ambre’s “career”? She works in Accounts Payable at Age Deception Incorporated?

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