Vanity Fair Plays Dress-Up With Funny Women (And Chelsea Handler)

Remember the brouhaha last year when Christopher Hitchens wrote that Vanity Fair article “Why I Desperately Need Attention?” “Why Women Aren’t Funny”?

For VF’s new (April) issue, the women “strike back” with a pretty Annie Leibovitz photo spread (featuring Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jenna Fischer, Sarah Silverman, and, like, everyone else) and a criminally boring defense of female funniness by Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley (sample: “Off-camera Lucille Ball was about as funny as lead.” Lead is the least funny thing you can think of, AS?)

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot:

Silverman-as-Winehouse bonds with Sandra Bernhart as Chelsea Handler looks un-funnily on:

“Oh my god, are we really posing with rubber chickens to visually symbolize our funniness?”:

Also, Hitchens felt the need to make a video response to this article, for real (pretty sure he’ll soon be going door-to-door telling women they’re not funny.) If you can make it all the way through it I will give you fifty bucks.