So It Begins: Pineapple Express Backlash

So It Begins: Pineapple Express Backlash

The Pineapple Express trailer has been on the internet for awhile, yes, but it just went up on Apple Trailers today, which makes it official. Or something. And guess what, I’m fully prepared right here and now to say that I’m not exploding in my pants over this movie like everyone else I seem to know. You heard me, these pants are clean.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s some funny stuff in this movie. I’m also sure there’s a bunch of not that funny stuff in it. When you put those things together it makes for your standard mainstream American comedy, in which smart funny jokes are snuck in with 3rd-grade-reading-level slapstick rake-in-the-face humor. Something for everyone, and something not for everyone.

But enough, guys. With the sycophantic flopsweat. “No man, you don’t get it. It’s like Turner and Hooch but they’re baked!” Am I really going to have to wait another four months for you high-ons to get a grip? Fine. I will expect all apologies to be sent to gabe[at] starting August 7th at midnight.

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