There Is Such Thing As Bad Publicity: Rock of Love

My DVR died this weekend, but I resurrected it just in time to bring you this belated yet still great clip from this week’s Rock of Love .

What’s got two thumbs and is the advertising wizard who thought up that one? This guy! Man, who doesn’t want to drink at Swig now? Did you guys hear about Swig? Some balding ex-boyfriend of a functionally retarded failed stripper whose turned her talents to reality television has opened a bar in Chicago! Yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe how cool it sounded either, we’ve GOT to check it out. It’s called Swig. He was wearing a t-shirt of it right on TV, that’s how I know. What a smart businessman. I mean, any businessman would take advantage of that kind of opportunity, sure, but it takes a real businessman to –(sound of gunshot, body hits the floor.)