Built To Spill – “Living Zoo”

Built To Spill haven’t released an album since 2009’s There Is No Enemy: a great record, IMO, one of my favorites of that year. They didn’t go on hiatus or anything after that, but they did lose a few members — drummer Scott Plouf and bassist Brett Nelson — and replaced them with Steve Gere and Jason Albertini, respectively. They’ve been semi-active over the last six years, but earlier this month, they announced a new LP, Untethered Moon. And today, they drop the album’s first single, “Living Zoo.” On first listen, the track feels a bit brighter than anything on There Is No Enemy, but it’s still obviously Built To Spill: Doug Martsch’s guitars and vocals are two of indie rock’s truly signature sounds. Listen.

Untethered Moon is out 4/21 via Warner Bros.