Samo Sound Boy – “Baby Don’t Stop” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Samo Sound Boy – “Baby Don’t Stop” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Along with Jerome LOL, the L.A. dance producer Samo Sound Boy is one half of DJ Dodger Stadium, the duo who put together last year’s great Friend Of Mine album. Samo also co-founded the Body High label, and he’s just announced Begging Please, his debut solo album. Citing Marvin Gaye’s classic and devastating divorce album Here, My Dear as an inspiration, Samo has put together Begging Please as a cohesive statement, one that tells the story of his own breakup through the medium of dance music. First single “Baby Don’t Stop” is a warm, gooey portrayal of the initial rush of attraction. Its video, from director and past DJ Dodger Stadium collaborator Daniel Pappas, is the first in a planned trilogy, one that will trace the album’s narrative arc. The whole video is one long slo-mo shot of a woman who looks very, very happy to be sitting down to eat in the Southern California burger joint Tommy’s World Famous, making eyes at you, the viewer, the whole time. Below, watch the video, listen to a stream of the full track, and read some words about the album from Samo.

Samo says:

The idea that dance music could be considered one noted or lacking in depth has never made sense to me. I think the very simple way it builds up and down is so fundamentally reflective of living in the world. What’s dark and brooding can give way to the most ecstatic moments, all because one small thing is added or subtracted. Begging Please is a story about the last couple years of my life, told best way I know how.

Begging Please is out 4/28 on Body High. Pre-order it here.

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