TEEN – “Dylan And Chong Playing Basketball”

We’re lucky because today Carpark Records released Brooklyn psychedelic twee quartet TEEN’s contribution to the label’s limited edition 16th birthday compilation. TEEN’s track is called “Dylan And Chong Playing Basketball,” which makes sense because the compilation is basketball-themed, but also doesn’t make sense because who are Dylan and Chong?? They sound like mortal enemies. Or is it a classic NBA match-up that already exists in the annals of sports history somewhere? I Googled it and basically came up with a bunch of Cheech and Chong results, so if you know something about these characters, please do say something. While the song’s languid, washed out guitars drift by and mix with wafting four-part harmonies, the narrative of this track is what holds my interest. It sounds like a classic tortoise versus hare story, or the subplot of a Harlem Globetrotters game, or a hometown rivalry that only Teeny Lieberson and her friends know about. “Dylan And Chong Playing Basketball” lays out a mythic showdown more compelling than any real basketball game I’ve watched this year. Now I’m wondering if TEEN wrote it solely for the compilation, or maybe this song is so good that Carpark decided to make everybody else write about basketball too? Either way, I’m glad this exists. Stream it below.

The basketball-themed picture disc is out 5/26 via Carpark Records.

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