WIN WIN – “Couch Paranoia” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Experimental pop trio WIN WIN have come back suddenly and swiftly after a near three-year hiatus, dropping “Couch Paranoia” and “Waster” as a digital single earlier this month. Now the band is back yet again with a video for “Couch Paranoia.” Though the track’s title brings to mind a weedhead problem, the video is more of a mild surreal psychedelic drug trip. The clip is a mix of modified stop motion, Lego-like mosaics, and warped 3-D heads mouthing the lyrics. Here’s a word from the band:

We’ve been exploring interactions between analog and digital systems in both our music and art. By using a set of analog inputs to a digital system, in this case video capture of a face or swirling paint, and applying those to control a digital system ( a dense 3d mesh), you end up with the appearance of something that’s alive but that moves in an alien, unfamiliar way. The video and the song both attempt to simultaneously elicit reactions of revulsion and fascination.

Things get awesomely weird here. Watch below.

The “Couch Paranoia” single is out now via Arts & Crafts. Get it at iTunes.

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