Stream Thom Yorke & 3D’s UK Gold Soundtrack

The UK Gold is a new documentary film about the UK’s long and sordid history of tax-dodging, which is apparently an entire industry over there. And to put together the film’s soundtrack, the film’s producers recruited the ’90s trainspotter dream team of Thom Yorke and Massive Attack’s Robert “3D” Del Naja, who showed up together at Occupy London back in 2011. The 13-track album also features contributions from Yorke’s Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood, Elbow’s Guy Garvey, and 3D collaborator Euan Dickinson. At first listen, it’s exactly the sort of moody and murky instrumental downtempo music that you’d expect from this cast of characters. The film’s cause is dear to Yorke, who offered this in a statement: “Now is the time to reveal the revolving doors between government and the City that has bred lies and corruption for so long, siphoning money through our tax havens for the global super rich, while now preaching that we the people must pay our taxes and suffer austerity. Just who does our government work for?” The soundtrack includes a handful of solo tracks from Yorke, and you can listen to it and watch the film’s trailer below.

(via UK Uncut)

The UK Gold is screening right now in the UK, and you can find a screening here.