Watch Erykah Badu Crash Another Newscast

Do the newscasters of Dallas just sit around trading Erykah Badu war stories? That lady is not the slightest bit shy about jumping in on whatever mundane local story is unfolding. Last year, she interrupted a live shot in New York and tried to kiss a newscaster. And last night in her Dallas hometown, she was back on local TV, this time dominating a story about flights being canceled at DFW airport. This time, she was actually invited on to talk about her canceled flight. But I have a working theory that the newscaster realized she was about to jump in and just decided to get ahead of the situation. Watch her brief, weirdly entertaining appearance below.

Question: Is air travel really possible with a hat like that? Is Badu so short that she can board a plane with that thing without smushing it on the roof? Or is the hat her carry-on?

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