Watch A Scene FKA Twigs Choreographed For New Thriller Catch Me Daddy

Before she found her way to weird-pop stardom, FKA twigs was a dancer, and we see that side of her, to some degree, every time she drops another video. And she’s passing along the sacred knowledge of dance, too. The new British indie film Catch Me Daddy is a thriller about a Pakistani family whose ancestral values conflict with the contemporary UK setting where they find themselves living. In one scene, the family’s daughter dances to Patti Smith’s eternal “Land” for her boyfriend. The actress, Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, had never danced before, and twigs came in to help out. In the scene, Ahmed dances like a spazzy teenager, not like FKA twigs, which almost certainly makes more sense in the context of the movie. Check out the scene below.

(via NME)

Catch Me Daddy opens Friday in the UK. Does everyone else want to listen to Horses on repeat for the rest of the day, or is that just me?