Watch St. Vincent’s Interview On British Morning News Show BBC Breakfast

The 2015 BRIT Awards are going on right now — you can stream them live here — and one of the nominees for International Female Solo Artist is ‘Gum favorite (and Grammy winner!) St. Vincent. This morning, she was interviewed on BBC Breakfast, where she was her usual humble, down-to-earth, extremely likable self. When the hosts suggest that these awards would be the perfect opportunity to honor her killer self-titled album, which came out a year ago today, she says, “Oh! That would be so nice of them,” before laughing and wryly acknowledging that she’s up against “a couple upstarts like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift… Any of the women in this category are phenomenal.” (And indeed, Swift ended up winning.) Other topics discussed include her busy touring schedule, her on-stage antics, and the theatrical nature of her live shows (“I think that it’s all fine and well to be a musician, but once you get on stage, you’re a song-and-dance man. So I really spend a lot of time crafting a show that would be engaging and beguiling and kind of strange”). The highlight of the whole thing is hearing Clark calmly and politely discuss smashing her guitar in Japan:

There’s something that takes over when you get up on stage. I mean, we’re having a nice conversation here, but I become a little bit of a feral maniac onstage. So I pulled all the strings off of it and threw it and then was writhing around on the ground after crowd surfing.

And, of course, she manages to give a shout-out to the “lovely team who put it back together arduously.” You can watch the full interview below.

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