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There are many reasons why Pile elicit such a cult-live fervor among their following, and all of those reasons on on display throughout You’re Better Than This, the latest full-length from the legendary Boston heroes. And there’s a reason people (like me) use words like “legendary” and “heroes” to describe a band that falls just short of 7,000 “likes” on Facebook, and one that, for a long while, fell short of being anywhere near the critical eye. That’s the kind of attitude that they inspire, the need to hyperbolize the already hyperbolic in an effort to draw attention the great work they’ve been doing for years. And Pile waste no time proving their case on their latest. “The World Is Your Motel” opens with a frantic clamor, a deep burrow into the thrashing heart of frustration and anger. On the best Pile songs, there’s almost a call-and-response between the ego and the id, the contemplative and the brash, unchecked fury. It’s there on “Mr. Fish” and on the exemplary, cumbersome closer “Appendicitis,” on the bloody-kneed declension of “Hot Breath” and the insidious “Tin Foil Hat.” Pile is one of the greats, destined to be talked about with exuberant reveries in hushed insider circles. They’ll probably never make it big or go beyond a “#2 Hit Single,” but can you blame their faithful for trying? It’s why, if anyone says that they don’t “get” Pile, they’re met with often derision: If you don’t like what they’re selling, get the fuck out of here, and let us enjoy them while we can. After all, You’re Better Than This is just another in a long line of releases, from a band that never seems to be anywhere but at the top of their game. Stream the whole album below.

(via FADER)

You’re Better Than This is 3/3 via Exploding In Sound in the US and Fierce Panda in the UK.

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