Body Language – “Really Love” Video

The beginning of Body Language’s video for “Really Love” immediately brought to mind one of the books in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. In The Drawing Of The Three the protagonist, Roland, wakes up on a beach with several freestanding doorways that lead to alternate worlds — the same thing happens to the heroine at the start of this clip. Though she’s reading Dante at the start of the video, I’m gonna suggest she pick up The Gunslinger next. There are some pretty clear Alice In Wonderland vibes here too, as she wanders through dim, concrete hallways chasing a mysterious rabbit, and eventually stumbles upon smaller, weirder doors that lead to bizarre, cult-like gatherings and creatures who range from creepy to absurd. The final scene involves her, the giant rabbit, and a flamethrower, but I’ll leave it to you to see how that trio comes together. (Too bad flamethrowers already look passe since Kanye used them in the “All Day” performance he dropped yesterday). Watch the Dirby-directed video below.

The “Really Love” b/w “Reset” 7″ is out now via B3SCI Records.