Florence + The Machine – “What Kind Of Man (Nicolas Jaar Remix)”

What Kind Of Man,” the first single from Florence + The Machine’s new album How Big How Bold How Beautiful, sounds very much like Florence + The Machine. It’s a big, bold art-rock howler of a song, a song that isn’t the slightest bit shy or reserved. It’s light years removed from the meditative, progged-out dance music that producer Nicolas Jaar makes, both on his own and with his now-defunct duo Darkside. But Jaar’s new 12-minute “What Kind Of Man” remix is a thing of beauty. He stretches the song out, gives it an authoritative and elastic bassline, and recasts Florence Welch as a hard-belting house diva. The remix whirls from one movement to the next, adding a ghostly echo of a vocal sample here or a squiggling synth line there. It makes a ton of use of Welch’s bazooka voice, but it also shows what a master Jaar is at assembling tracks. And unlike most of what Jaar does, you could play it in a club and get people to go nuts. Listen to the remix below.

(via Pitchfork)

How Big How Blue How Beautiful is out 6/2 on Republic Records.