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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

There were plenty of good videos this week, but none of them came close to touching another video, albeit one that wasn’t officially a music video. Kanye West’s performance of “All Day” at the Brit Awards would’ve been a thing of beauty even without the fucking flamethrowers: A goddam Boot Camp Clik video, staged in the middle of a major awards show, on a stage that made it look like an art installation. I love how Kanye treats every public appearance as a chance to unveil some new vision, and this was the grandest one in recent memory. Also: Fucking flamethrowers. Everything else this week was in a race for second place, but we still have five videos worth your time below.

5. U2 – “Every Breaking Wave” (Dir. Aoife McArdle)

This video, originally a much longer short film, has things that it wants to say about star-crossed lovers and ancient conflicts. It’s most fun, however, as a Quadrophenia-style youth-subculture throwdown. Everyone who’s ever been to a Pietasters show knows that skinheads are fun to watch. Note: The longer version of this has the Stiff Little Fingers’ “Alternative Ulster” in it, and this should be an “Alternative Ulster” video instead of an “Every Breaking Wave” one.

4. Dutch Uncles – “Decided Knowledge” (Dir. Plastic Zoo)

I will never be able to look at Dutch Uncles frontman Duncan Wallis again and see anything other than a muppet. If this video catches on, people at Dutch Uncles shows are going to be disappointed when an actual flesh-and-blood human steps onstage.

3. clipping. – “Summertime” (Dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada)

Clipping. are now three-for-three when they work with Estrada. Somehow, these guys, when working together, have a knack for turning simple concepts into wriggly, uncomfortable things that get under your skin. Also, this one might have the best arrest scene in a rap video ever.

2. Joywave – “Somebody New” (Dir. Keith Schofield)

Finally, the digital era gets its answer to Unsane’s “Scrape” video.

1. Flight Facilities – “Down To Earth” (Dir. Rhett Wade-Ferrell)

Did we know that Sam Rockwell was screaming out for his own “Weapon Of Choice” moment? I sure didn’t. And sure, it’s a blatant bite of another, better video. But are you really going to resist the sight of the guy from Moon moonwalking across a lunch counter?