Stream Heems Eat Pray Thug

The former Das Racist rapper Heems has recorded a couple of mixtapes since his group split up, but he hasn’t made a proper, commercially-available debut album until now. Heems recorded Eat Pray Thug in Brooklyn and Mumbai, and it’s been done for a while, with its release held up because of sample-clearance issues. It’s a strikingly personal and pissed-off album, one driven by racism and heartbreak, even if it does give Heems plenty of chances to flex his vicious cleverness. There are no guest rappers, even though Heems has never been shy about collaborating. He’s called the LP “post-9/11 dystopian brown man rap,” which is a better descriptor than anything I could come up with. We’ve posted the banger “Sometimes” and the lovesick Dev Hynes collab “Home.” And now you can listen to the full album at NPR.

Eat Pray Thug is out 3/10 on Megaforce.

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