Watch Eleven Times, A Short Film About Police Brutality Soundtracked By Nicolas Jaar & Brian Jackson

Nicolas Jaar is a young experimental electronic producer and one-half of the now defunct dark psych duo Darkside. Brian Jackson is a keyboardist and flute player best known for his work with Gil Scott-Heron in the 1970s. The two musicians have joined forces to soundtrack Samantha Casolari’s Eleven Times, a short film commenting on the police-inflicted deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Eleven Times is inspired by Scott-Heron’s Winter In America, which Jackson co-produced. The film depicts several young black men’s run-ins with the police. The title references the number of times Garner said “I can’t breathe” while a policeman was choking him to death, while the refrain “Hands up!” was a familiar protest refrain in Brown’s hometown of Ferguson, Missouri. Watch below.

(via Nowness)