Kate Pierson – “Guitars And Microphones” Video

After nearly 40 years with the B-52s, Kate Pierson has proven the band’s seemingly eternal significance with a feisty solo debut, Guitars & Microphones. The album was executive produced by Sia, with production work from Ima Robot’s Tim Anderson and the Strokes’ Nick Valensi on guitar, making for a beefed up take on the group’s classic New Wave sound. The videos Pierson has shared with us so far have dealt with gender dysphoria and marine life conservation, so it’s about time that we get an unadulterated dose of B-52s nostalgia. The new video for the album’s title track is like a lo-fi time machine, an animated scrap book of Pierson’s long and vibrant journey from New Jersey girl to New Wave queen. It’s gleeful kitsch that revels in a groovier time and sticks out its tongue at overly polished aesthetics. If a B-52s documentary were ever to come about, chances are it would look like this. Watch it below.

Guitars And Microphones is out now on Lazy Meadow/Kobalt.

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