Watch Lykke Li Model A Fancy Handbag In A New Video For Gucci

Lykke Li’s 2014 album I Never Learn was a dreamy, post-apocalyptic take on a relationship that didn’t just break but shattered into a million pieces. Despite the harrowing undercurrent of sadness, some of the songs are ambiguous enough to be applied to brands, so Gucci decided to create a short video for “Just Like A Dream” starring the Swedish singer. It’s everything you’d expect from a luxury daydream: Li plays piano, sifts through Polaroids, goes to vintage stores and stares moodily at her surroundings. The clip imagines that it’s following her through the process of writing the song, although I doubt she was this chill when she was writing. It may be ambiguous, but it’s still a sad one! She looks exactly like a supermodel already, so all Gucci had to do was bring a camera. Watch it below.

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