Migos – “Aight” Video

Migos changed rap, but they want you to know, rap also changed them. On the video for “Aight” the crew members take turns using stacks of money as fake phones and swinging their chains around a hotel room. The Atlanta trio’s major label debut Y.R.N. The Album is slated for release sometime this year, and the video hypes the first single from that record “One Time” for a good chunk of time before launching into “Aight.” Which is a pretty interesting tactic and brings up the paradox of mixtapes versus albums: Migos need their single and album to perform better than tossed-off mixtape tracks, so they’re using some of the time on the new song and video to help push “One Time.” True to form, the prolific group is hyping another new mixtape, MigoLingo, that will be out later this week. Watch “Aight” below.

Y.R.N. The Album is slated for release sometime in 2015.

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