Nedelle Torrisi – “Double Horizon” Video

Nedelle Torrisi – “Double Horizon” Video

When Nedelle Torrisi’s self-titled album came out in 2013 I foisted it upon everyone I knew. I played it every single day and pegged it as the third best album of the whole year, to what felt like no avail. Torrisi’s intimate, dark pop remained stubbornly overlooked and it irked me! It must have irked her too, because earlier this year she announced that the album would be re-released under the title Advice From Paradise and began to put out videos to accompany some of its best tracks. We premiered the kitschy video for “Don’t Play Dumb” that was set in a Target, and now she’s shared a follow-up visual for “Double Horizon.” It’s all very Grease in its young love, glitter, and sleepover vibes, but what’s even cuter is that Torrisi stars in it with her IRL boyfriend Aaron Leigh of Babes. Julia Holter, Nite Jewel, Dev Hynes, and Kenny Gilmore of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti also helped out on the album. It’s full of the light-hearted, ’80s synths that imply carefree pop, but Torrisi’s gorgeous, layered vocals add depth that the ’80s themselves never achieved. Watch the wide-eyed video directed by Robert Schober below and make some time to listen to the entire record, it’s a seriously great one.

Advice From Paradise is out now on Ethereal Sequence/Drag City.

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