Check Out Björk’s Eye-Popping Vulnicura Physical Album Cover

Björk’s heart-shattering new breakup album Vulnicura came out in January because of an early leak, but it wasn’t supposed to come out until sometime this month. The album miraculously appeared on iTunes, and many of us rushed to buy it. But if you decided to wait for the physical edition to come out, you will get an extra treat, if you want to call it that. The physical version, out in mid-March, will come with the eye-wrecking image you see above. Björk unveiled it on Facebook just now. She designed it with Andrew Thomas Huang, who directed her “Mutual Core” video and the “Black Lake” short film, which is part of her MoMA exhibit. It takes the heart-as-vagina idea of the digital Vulnicura cover to bold new places, and maybe it’s something you want to have in your house.

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