Lizard Kisses – “In The Morning” Video

Lizard Kisses – “In The Morning” Video

Cory Siegler and her boyfriend Marc Merza are the driving force behind the earnest, dreamy vibes of Lizard Kisses. While mostly operating as a duo, they often collaborate with other members of the Brooklyn music community and cite the project as a catalyst for building friendships. Close readers will remember that Jordan Lee of Mutual Benefit shouted them out as big supporters of his music in the very beginning, and Lee returned the favor by featuring on their newest release “In The Morning.” Siegler and Merza sing simple, celebratory lyrics that span from the movement of celestial bodies to looking across your pillow and seeing the face that makes your life worthwhile looking back at you. It’s like a reverse lullaby — a quiet moment of peace and reflection at the beginning of the day to treasure now before it passes by in the inevitable slipstream of life. Spirals of woozy guitar work and glockenspiel (played by Siegler) unfurl behind the song’s primary acoustic melody line, evoking the same layered feeling that so many of us adored in Mutual Benefit’s music. But Siegler and Merza’s aim is decidedly their own, and the spirit of thankfulness in this song is singular. I can’t remember the last time I heard a song that celebrates minutia like the way morning light hits the city or the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep. The accompanying surreal, exquisitely collaged video was done by Alice Cohen, and it makes the song even more refreshing to drink in. Watch it below.

“In The Morning” is available in limited 7″ pressing with “Close” via Bleeding Gold.

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