Sorry, Those Aren’t Morrissey’s Shoes On eBay

Today in Morrissey-related news, the singer has taken to his website to warn fans away from buying eBay items that are masquerading as authentic memorabilia. The post on True To You is entitled “Ebay (yawn).” Morrissey writes:

The Morrissey clothes and shoes currently being sold on ebay to the ‘highest, saddest bidder’, are not mine, and were never mine. Please do not buy them. For the 63rd time, I must stress — at the risk of boring you to death: ebay signatures and personal items are fake, fake, fake. Please beware.

The bolding is Morrissey’s, not mine. You’ve been warned. While we’re here though, “Ebay (yawn)” is kind of a good song name.

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