Todd Rundgren, Lindstrøm, Emil Nikolaisen Announce Single Track Runddans LP

More than a year ago now, we learned that three very different studio rats were combining to form a deeply intriguing supergroup. ’70s smart-pop master Todd Rundgren, space-disco astral projectionist Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, and Serena-Maneesh shoegazer Emil Nikolaisen had joined forces to make an album called Runddans, and that was all we needed to know. Those three took their time, but now they’re ready to make the big announcement. Runddans is happening, and it’s happening in the form of one single track that sprawls across 39 minutes and 12 different parts. It’s coming out in a couple of months, and even if it doesn’t blow minds, it should make for a fascinating listen. Below, check out the 12-part breakdown — it’s not a tracklist because there’s only one track — and hear a bit of the proudly trippy music in the Rundgren video interview below.

Side A:
B for Birth
Liquid Joy From The Womb of Infinity
Oppad, Over Skyene

Side B:
Put Your Arms Around Me
Altar Of Kauaian Six String (Todd’s Solo)

Side C:
Out Of My Head (Lone Vibes)
Rundt Rundt Rundt
Wave of Heavy Red (Disko-Nektar)

Side D:
T.H.E. Golden Triangle (Dry Mouthed Gargoyles In A Fountain Of Fluorescent Shepard Tones)
Ravende Gal (Full Circle)
Ohr..Um..Am..Amen (Aftermath)
(via Pitchfork)

Runddans is out 5/5 on Smalltown Supersound.