SoundCloud Says It’s Paid Out $1M To Musicians And Labels Since August

Last year, the endlessly useful music platform Soundcloud announced that it would be introducing both audio ads and a subscription service, and that news felt like the fucking apocalypse, like we’d all have to start using some whole new embedding service. Up until now, though, Soundcloud works as well as it ever has. It still lets you hear songs without thinking too much about how it is that you’re hearing those songs. And as FADER points out, the service has also paid out a cool million to artists and labels since last August. In a new post on its blog, Soundcloud’s overlords point out that they’ve been sending out money because of their Premier Partner setup: “We’ve signed up over 100 Premier Partners and paid over $1 million in advertising revenue to partners including labels, audio partners and emerging artists.” That has to be a good thing, right?

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