Bright Like The Sun – “White Lights” (Stereogum Premiere)

When you’re in the right mood, there’s nothing better than a good post-rock song. The best of them make you feel like you’re a little speck on a great plain, but that the great distance is possible to traverse against all odds. It’s melodramatic music, the kind that moves mountains and evaporates oceans. And it’s also fragile music, stuff that can easily turn sour and drab if placed in the wrong hands. Thankfully, Bright Like The Sun make good post-rock music. As evidenced by “White Lights,” the lead-off to their upcoming self-titled sophomore album, the San Antonio-based group has a remarkable dedication to form, all sparkling guitars and teetering drums and hopeful build-ups. Listen and read some words from the band about the track below.

A few years back on New Years we were all gathered at my place downtown and made our way to the roof of the 4 story loft complex to watch the fireworks. While it was great to have such a beautiful view of the main display, we quickly realized that, being in the center of the city, we were surrounded at all angles by the smaller “home-brew” displays. It was an absolutely magical moment, the frivolity and whimsy that accompanies New Years and being surrounded by the beautiful fireworks that so perfectly embody that joy. That’s what that whole song is about, the lyrics and instrumentation and mood are all meant to reflect those feelings.

Bright Like The Sun is out 4/21 via Sun Sea Sky Productions.